For those corporate housing/serviced apartment providers who are looking for a long-term, secure, cloud-based software partner to help take their company to the next level, Streamline is the right choice.


At Streamline, we take a different approach to building software. Our corporate housing software was built BY corporate housing clients FOR corporate housing clients. This allows us to build functionality that meets your immediate needs for profitability and efficiency. We are focused on providing an all-in-one solution. As a result of continued research and innovation, we find new and creative ways to improve our system.

Streamline boasts one of the largest professional support teams in the industry. With more than a decade of experience in the vacation rental industry, Streamline brings a dedicated team of seasoned professionals to the corporate housing sector.

Over the years, we have had several corporate housing companies join the Streamline family. Recently, we started to encounter a unique hybrid model which merges Corporate Housing with Vacation Rentals. We built logic that would allow users to define when and which units they wanted available to vacation rental distribution channels. Now you are maximizing your return in two markets.

Connectivity is something that has been lacking in this industry…not only the ability to connect real-time to online distribution channels but to connect with each other. Streamline believes in an open environment where everyone can benefit by working together. Companies often share inventory real-time to improve guest retention. Streamline has direct integration with Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Booking.com, and FlipKey by Trip Advisor.

It is often tough to reach every individual market, but with StreamShare, corporate housing providers can work together and maintain valued relationships with corporations. The provider is no longer restricted to inventory in one city. If the provider needs inventory in other locations, they are able to work with other management companies to have real-time access to their inventory.

Accountability is critical when it comes to collecting money. With a unique system catering around a master lease, a reservation, and a guest, we have been able to not only build an invoicing system, but help corporate housing clients manage what is owed to a potential property owner and to understand what needs to be collected on a corporate booking.

Our software includes a state-of-the-art lead management system, StreamPhone solution, triggered documents, and dynamic yielding techniques to maximize profits. These are just some of the exciting features you will see when exploring Streamline’s powerful system.

To be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best. It is this mentality that has made us so successful over the years. Our relationships and respect for our clients are the cornerstone of our company. We will always stay true to our mission statement:

“Delivering industry leading customer service and groundbreaking management solutions to our valued customers”.

Streamline is not just another software solution. We are a family of corporate housing leaders working together to build the best software in the industry.