When it comes to corporate housing software, we know you rely on some basic features and functionality. Streamline CHS has all the bases covered. A list of the software’s primary features are below.

Inventory Sharing
Share inventory with other corporate housing providers.

Open API
Get creative and build your own solutions or your own fully customized website.

Vacancy Logic
Switch seamlessly between long-term and short-term leases.

Document/Trigger System
Increase efficiency with document automation.

Lead Management System
Managing leads is a breeze when the flow is automated and conversion centric.

Rolling Reservations
Auto-renew month-to-month agreements.

Invoice Management
Enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of our invoice management system.

Master Agreements From A to Z
Manage property lease agreements within our software. Execute client master agreements. Make reservations for a specific guest related to your master agreement.

StreamSign Electronic Signatures
Automatically receive and send dynamic contracts.

Short Term and Long Term Leases
Manage short and long term leases simultaneously.

Homeaway/AirBnB/VRBO Online Real-Time Booking
Sit back and watch bookings fly in.

Distribution Channels
We make sure you are connected. Seamless and effective (includes GDS connections).

Multi-Language/Currency Capability
Extend your reach.

Mobile Apps
Allow connection in real time between your team, guests , clients , housekeeping and maintenance.

CEO Dashboard
Quickly get a glimpse of your company’s performance.

Powerful Reporting Suite
Our suite of reports will give you the necessary insight into your company’s performance.

Multiple Credit Card Payments/Payment Scheduling
Collect multiple credit cards or schedule payments in the future.

Text potential leads and guests and increase conversions.

Integrated Push Technology
Stay connected with your guest and your team. Push messages to their mobile apps.

Advanced Revenue Management Techniques
Maximize profits.

Built-in Phone System
When clients or guests call, instantly see their information before answering.

Built-in Email System
Handle email, text and custom communications with our
responsive system.

Valuable Feedback
With our dynamic guest surveys, you can create your own custom questionnaires and analyze trends.

Fully Integrated Accounting
EVERYTHING takes place in Streamline. Yes, even reconciliation.

World Class User Interface
Easy, modern and intuitive.

Custom User Definitions
Create your own user access levels.

We DON’T Share Data Without Your Approval
It is YOUR data…

Home Automation
Make your home smarter with our industry leading real-time integrations.